Golf Rangefinders & Accessories At Golf Cedar Hill

Why Do We Need A Golf Rangefinder?

It’s common for golfers to buy the latest gadgets without really thinking about whether they need it or not. Rangefinders often fall into this category, especially if you’re a beginner.

Ask yourself do I really need a rangefinder to help me improve my golf game?

Well it depends how you you are to the game of golf. If you are just starting out and a novice I would not to even bother purchasing one. The reason being is that to start with your shots are very erratic. It’s very difficult to judge how far you hit a ball with a certain club each time.

As you gain experience in playing off you’ll be comfortable in how far you can hit the ball with a 7 iron or a driver for example. Once you’ve established these distances a rangefinder can be invaluable.

It will give you a clear reading of the distance to your next target on the course.

Rangefinders can now be found in a number of different disciplines not just golf. This proves how effective they are at the job.

So the fact remains, if you have developed your golf game to a decent level then we would advise you buying a rangefinder to accurately predict how far you need to hit a shot.

To find out more on golf rangefinders why not take a look at our comprehensive guide.

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