Best Golf Rangefinders Reviews Of 2019

How To Identify The Best Golf Rangefinders

Golf rangefinders have transformed the sport over the past few years.

Arrange find out allows an average golfer to have a way of accurately estimating the distance for the next shot.

It allows them to remove the need for a caddy with the old book of yardage.

They can also ignore traditional methods of distance such as yardage markers and familiar landmarks.

In fact it’s rare that he decent golfer does not own a rangefinder and carries it in his bag on a regular basis.

In this article we discuss the details of rangefinders and how they can help you improve your game and beat all-comers.

Slope identifying golf rangefinders

You have many options in terms of rangefinder nowadays. The mane choice you have is buying a rangefinder that offers slope technology vs one that doesn’t provide slope technology.

The main reason you wouldn’t use a system that uses slow technology is that you play in tournaments regularly.

This technology is banned from most competitions.

Reason why this type of rangefinder are banned from tournaments this because often these competitions come down to accuracy.

This type of tool gives you an unfair advantage over other competitors.

So if it’s likely that you want to use a rangefinder for tournaments and competitions then you need to pick a rangefinder that either does not have slope technology or where you can easily show that slope technology is turned off.

How can you use a golf range finder legally in competition?

If you are able to use your measuring device within local rules then the usga will allow it.

Primarily you will be allowed to use a golf rangefinder if it measures distance only. If it calculate slope conditions it is illegal for tournament use.

If you can’t use slow technology this doesn’t eliminate your rangefinder as a useless piece of equipment.

Distance is still a very important aspect to golf and these devices can be very useful.

Competition legal devices can be used for flights seeking. Usually these devices can find the pen very quickly and accurately.

It’s important that you have a high-quality device also that can be relied on to give accurate readings Time After Time.

After All if you enter a competition you don’t want to be missing a stroke or being short on a short due to the accuracy of your rangefinder.

What features will cause you to be disqualified?

Certain features on a rangefinder will disqualify you from competition. These features include slug technology as we’ve discussed previously, also club selection, and distance measuring between points that includes a slope.

Also it’s important to Note that devices that include temperature gauges or parameters may also be banned.

But what does this leave so that your device is actually useful?

Well if you don’t actually play a lot of competitions or tournaments then you can have all the features you want on your rangefinder.

There are no rules when it comes to rangefinders when you are playing for fun.

The issue comes when you become accustomed to using certain features on your device and then you want to enter a competition.

This is where you may struggle.

We may have a solution

There may be a solution to this issue. Some golf manufacturers have now found a way to switch the slope technology off and on when it suits you.

They have come up with this methods of allowing their devices to be both legal and illegal by switching some simple settings on their rangefinders.

Bushnell and Leupold brands both have models that can fit into this market. This is the day can be operated with a slope or without a slope technology.

If you are looking to play golf at a higher level then you need to choose a rangefinder that does not include the slope technology. This way then you are used to using it in practice and in competition play.

If you are not looking to play golf that competitively then adding slow technology may be the answer for you.

Other golfer rangefinder options

If we are looking at all our options then we also need to consider gPS as an alternative to rangefinders. Do ups devices are improving year-on-year and can provide excellent accuracy. Then I not a great deal of benefit all the way, so it means comes down to personal choice whether you use a rangefinder or GPS for your golf.

So what are the main differences between the rangefinder and a GPS device?

Golf Rangefinders

Let’s look at a laser rangefinder for golf first.

These are hand-held rangefinders that can send a laser to accurately gauge the distance to your next target. This device uses a clock that quickly calculate time of the laser light beam reflected back to the unit. The calculation is then converted into distance.

The design of this type of device are generally vertically handheld. You can find some devices that are pistol like in their design, though this is increasingly less popular.

These devices are exceptionally easy to use, it’s simply a point and Click at the target in order to get an accurate reading very very quickly.

This type of device is usually waterproof and can provide excellent battery life.

You don’t need to download any Maps or extra software to your rangefinder it’s simply Point and go.

GPS For Golf

Now let’s take a look at GPS for golf

Golf GPS use a completely different methods for calculating the distance to your next target. They use of satellite signal to determine your location and the location of any objects on the course.

They rely on pre created maps of golf courses that are loaded into the GPS. Usually you can find virtually any golf course in the world on these systems.

The main benefits of this type of distance calculator is that you remove all the measuring and aiming required by using a rangefinder.

They also update as soon as you move on the course. They have the added benefit of giving you an accurate layout of each hole so that you can plan ahead for your next shot.

Usually a GPS is very small and convenient to use. They can usually be stored in your pocket.

You can also get GPS watches that also are very functional for this type of distance calculation. This is a highly convenient method of accessing all the data you need quickly.

There are a few downsides with this type of system such as you usually need to pay a subscription to be able to get updated maps and get access to the softwares functionality.

Also, these devices are not as accurate as the laser rangefinder.

You also have a third option in terms of hybrid functionality. This is a new concept on the market and only a few manufacturers can offer them. It combines the rangefinder with the GPS solution.

What you should look for in a laser rangefinder

Every golfer is different. We all need different functionalities to a golf rangefinder that suit a particular standard of play. You may be a beginner or a much more advanced player. Let’s take a look at some of the options and things to consider when choosing your device.

Accuracy – it’s vital to have an accurate device. Some low-cost range value have proven to be very inaccurate and therefore useless.

Speed – you want your device to calculate distances quickly. You don’t want to be spending ages waiting around for a reading to be calculated. At the end of the day you are there to play golf.

Simplicity – you want to be able to just point and Click on a target for it to be calculated accurately. You don’t want to be pressing lots of buttons, turning the device off and on constantly. Simplicity is the key to getting a quick reading on your device.

Value for money – it may seem a good idea to buy the most expensive device on the market. So ask yourself are you really getting the best value for money.

Additional features – some of these devices are highly advanced and offer a number of additional features. Example do you need slope functionality included in your device, do you need a GPS included?

You should consider all these factors before you purchase your rangefinder. Look at what is the most important aspects for you to decide the right device for you. Is it actually worth paying extra for all the Bells and whistles when really you just need a simple System.

Need To Learn How To Use A Golf Rangefinder?

Take a look at the video below that will give you a great idea on how to use and get started with a laser range finder.